Our vision:

To be a vanguard and innovative company in the processing and marketer of fruits and vegetables, carrying out these activities in our own facilities, guaranteeing the safety of a harmless product with high standards of traceability.

Our mission:

To integrate our production chain, committing in each process to our people and inviting in the commitment to reach the consumer table with a safe and quality product that fully satisfies the needs of our customers.

Ruiz & Stange BioExport Ltda.

It is a marketer company of fruits and vegetables located in the eighth region that is born under the integration of 5 producers partners who have as common objective to produce blueberries, apples and asparagus under high standards of quality, and a safe traceability of the whole production chain, which allows them to market their products together in order to reach the main and most demanding markets of the world , trying to maintain and
preserve in the best way the original qualities of its fruit.